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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 24, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a tragic helicopter crashed devastates for families. >>, a times d you get to go up in a helicopter? >> a husband's heartbreak as investigators search for answers. the woman found dead inside of a business. we have with the detectives have learned. and the president, the professor, and the police officer. >> hopefully, we can all be more reflective.
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>> president obama's chat with officer crowley. captioned by the national captioning institute weegin with a husband's heart break, 24 hours after a deadly helicopter crash, just feet away from interstate 70. new at 11:00, john gonzalez spoke with the husbands of one of the victims. >> it was supposed to be a fun night of charity work that quickly turned tragic. three aviation professionals were given helicopter rides at an event to raise money for troubled youth. the fourth person on board was to volunteer excited to be on her first ride ever. kim felix is described by her husband as the ultimate giver. >> she was everybody's best friend.
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>> she was also a pta president, cheerleading coach, and she found time to feed the homeless on thanksgiving day. she won a prize from the chamber of commerce for a free helicopter ride. >> i tried to convince her to drive. it was 30 miles. i was very worried about her flying and a helicopter. >> the ntsb is still working to find out what went wrong with the commercial helicopter struck power lines and burst into flames near interstate 70, 10 miles from hagerstown. >> the power lines or about 70 feet above the ground. jeffrey nordaas and george tutor were also on board. aiden booth described his father as a true mop role model -- as a true role model. >> he loved people and he loved aviation. >> this is video from a recent
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radio station appearance shows him talking about the upcoming charity event. >> i always looked up to him. >> we know that the fog was that last night but it is not clear if the storm played a factor in the accident. we're told the pilot who has not been named had over 600 hours of flight experience. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> more details on the helicopter, the aircraft was a robinson r-44, owned by advanced helicopter concepts, which primarily provides helicopter training. it is based out of frederick municipal airport. ou tabtlse about the in death of a woman county in the 4100xlo bck of hummer road in annandale. i>> the police are now calling this a homicide. behind me, this is a very active crime scene.
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the detectives say they will stay through the night, perhaps several days, trying to find out who did this. fairfax county police, detectives, forensic investigators are working late tonight. >> it i quite shocking. >> authorities are calling this a homicide. >> it scares me. >> it began when officers responded to the 4:00 p.m. it 911 stabbing call here at the acupuncture clinic. >> went inside to investigate, they found the adult woman inside. >> newschopper 7 showed a massive police response o. >> the one who treated me was a lady. >> former clinic visitors called the area safe. this section of hummer road is
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a caribbean-american enclave of sorts. -- is a korean-american enclave of sorts. >> there are always people there. police >> have been gathering bags of evidence. >> if anybody has seen anything or visited the home, either personal reasons or business, we would love to hear from them. >> there are many questions about the apparent violence that visit here. >> it is sad to see somebody's life taken in a quiet neighborhood like this. >> a very active police presence. the authorities will not say if the victim was targeted or if this was random. we asked if it was a break-in or robbery, and the police gave no comment. authorities are asking with -- are asking for an affirmation to call fairfax county police. the concerns over the metro red line are expanding.
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a member of the ntsb says he is concerned about the site of the crash between takoma and fort totten. he called the area of hon. with csx trains, -- he called the area of hon. with csx trains, marc trains, and metro trains passing all at the same line. we turn now to the forecast. the storms from last night are gone, but prime air- conditioning. it will get hot. doug hill has a first look. >> we will have sustained warm s.0stempurat, 'peur80r' the latest omfr the belfort furnituretheaer center, oweasher south of the metro ea, southwest of warrenton and culpeper, running through .redericksburg raswh ththt os. min e most rain. o,ck county, middletown,miletown,
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n frederick. settle down in thoue next hour r o.s it is th, pe is hot. , ayrdit is hot. wwe wweilleneal withal ptien al weather makers to produce thunderstorms. i will work out the timing coming up in the forecast. now developing story, it is the arlington county intersection was closed part of the evening after a serious crash at columbia pike and walter reed drive, sending one of the vehicles into a storefront. one of the vehicles was t-bond after running a red light. one vehicle rolled onto its side. one person was taken to hospital. president obama and the police officer at the controversial rest of the harvard professor are talking things out, and this is less than 48 hours after he said the police department acted stupidly. caroline lyders has more with
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what mr. obama as saying. >> president obama did not exactly apologize, but he said he regrets his language, talking about the heated national debate. president obama placed calls to both the prof., henry gates jr., and a man who are arrested him, sergeant james crowley. two days after saying that the police acted stupidly. >> to the extent my choice of words did not eliminate but rather contributed to a new media frenzy, that was unfortunate. >> and appeared that the actions helped calm the standoff that seem to be pitting of the cambridge police department against the president. >> the cambridge police are not stupid. >> monday their dates nor crowley issued a public response, -- while neither gates nor crowley issued a public
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response, opinions are mixed. >> it is ridiculous he made a comment before he knew anything about it. the whole thing is ridiculous. >> it was a bold statement, but it was honest. i respect the president for having made that statement. >> comedian bill cosby spoke from boston. >> if both parties woul realize that they would be huge, huge human beings and tell exactly what happened, nobody has to apologize. >> the president invited both men to the white house for a beer. it is not clear when it will happen, but professor gates attorney said he does not drink beer but he will attend. caroline lyders, abc 7 news. >> we would all like to be flies on the wall. leaders say they have taken
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a giant step forward overhauling health care. house democrats announced a plan to rein and the growth of medicare and steny hoyer is giving up in the policy -- leaving open the possibility that they will discuss the policies further. yesterday, senate leaders said a vote would not happen before the break there. president obama announced more than $4 billion of education funding would be awarded to states on a competitive basis. they have to pass national standards, like the teachers' pay to student performance, and hire and fire teachers regardless of tenure. the teachers association supports the plan. michelle obama won an award at the white house today. >> i love the artistic and scientific complexity that becomes useful. >> during the event, the first lady said she spends a lot of time on her laptop.
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she was addressing one of the creators of the first laptop and she said the first daughters would die without theirs. coming up -- an alert about facebook. what they want you to do with your profile pictures. and you just saw the special on oil in america. do experts expect prices to go up or down? >> what is the truth about the ugly truth? that is coming up
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breaking news from southeast washington, the police are investigating a shooting outside of the anacostia metro station. an adult male was shot and the head on howard road. the victim has been transported to medstar. no word on the suspect or motive. authorities have arrested a suspected serial bank robber. the police say cynthia crawford
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walked into the suntrust bank and jefferson davis highway in woodbridge and demanded cash. authorities caught her on interstate 95. she fought officers, to tasered and arrested her -- who tasered and arrested her. new information about the price at the pump. retail gas prices are starting to climb nationwide. dazzling features have climbed every day for the past few weeks, up twenty-eight cents. analysts say positive signs from the economy have kept prices from dropping. the national average, $2.47. that is up half a cent from yesterday. it is still twenty cents cheaper than a month ago. and alert for users of facebook. that site has launched a program allowing third-party advertisers to search through your photos. they choose a picture, then plug
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your image into advertising. the president of the electronic privacy association calls this awful appropriation. you can opt out by changing you. acy settings we'reet le' wet ltiting theh gardens rollercoaster is about btoti uted asrsfie rstt suspended r,peaste more than m 29 million have ridden on a rollercoaster. . . last trip is scheduled for september 7. tonight, arch campbell tells us about the new movies being released this weekend. >> kathrin plays a tv producer who hates her outspoken commentator in "the ugly truth," romantic comedy, rated r, a couple stars. "she forced," -- "g force,"
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guinea pigs save the universe, worth a couple of stars, good for the kids. and a grieving family about a 1- year-old psycho the men, zero stars. have a nice weekend. i am arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. one of these days he will tell us where they get these ideas from. psycho demons? the mother of 14 has agreed for each of her children to burn $250 per day to start a reality television show. that amounts to a quarter million dollars over three years. the contracts require a judge's approval. filming is set to begin september 1. are you ready for the summer? >> no, because it is already
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here. >> technically, you are correct, but the summer weather has been absent. we're talking about six, eight days of temperatures in the upper 80's, which we have not doppler radar, the shors, t avavy e e been north of the metro eaar dung the evening. rightow n, the only thingt on the radar, diminishing shower moving across baltimore. then we have showers out of warrenton, culpeper, stafford, fredericksburg, drifting to the east. the weatherbug, oxon hill 70 degrees, the dew point measures the true monster value in the air. the closer the numbers are together, the more moisture, the more humidity that you feel. the temperatures will drop to
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near 70 degrees in most areas. the numbers for this friday, 86 and 68 at reagan national airport, 89 and 71 the average. the pollen count, mold spores are way up in the higher range. everything else is in the low range. 77 fairfax, 74 leesburg. it clear to the north, 66 gaithersburg in frederick. cold temperatures for a late july night. you go to the west, it starts to warm up. 73 detroit metro airport. some of the moisture and higher humidity will work back into the area, the temperatures more than we have seen. the showers move off and we see a turn and wind direction, southeast. and as the area of storms across northern illinois, moving to the south.
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potentially, some of the energy will come in in the form of a cold front. tomorrow, breezy, partly sunny, warm. the temperatures close to 90 degrees. just a chance of an isolated thunderstorm during the afternoon. sunday, better chance as the front approaches. the front washes out. next week, partly sunny, warm, hazy and humid, upper 80's, chance of thunderstorms each day. nice saturday, upper 80's, just a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. better chance as we work through the day sunday. we have not seen numbers this big in a long time around here, upper 80's straight through the seven-day forecast. the chance of showers each day next week. there are moments in time
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and making it mobile, better and faster - to keep pushing the internet further than anyone dreamed. last year alone we invested more in building america's future than any other mpany - improving and expanding our network, to keep you in control. and behind the scenes, that takes work by our employees, who pride themselves knowing, that because they do it right, you might not even notice. if all of that, makes your connections, faster and more secure... well, that's our business. at&t... your world... delivered.
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some people will do anything these days to sell their home. in san diego, a desperate seller said he will throw and a $200,000 badly. the home is listed at a reduced price of $1.8 million. -- he will throw in his family. -- his bentley. >> and a few pieces of furniture? >> that is a bargain still for this market. we have some redskins talked tonight. coach jim zorn spoke with tim brant as he prepares for the start of training camp. the nationals try to get a victory tonight at the ballpark. we'll have highlights.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%.
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and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act. (female narrator) from jennifer: a microfiber sofa bed for just $299, only at jennifer. $299. jennifer: the only place to buy a sofa bed. the worst hitting team in the national league scored off against the worst pitching team at nationals park, washington taking on san diego. christian guzman likes that pitch. no doubt about that. solo home runs. top of the first, bases loaded,
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rodriguez, that falls into right field. they come around and score, 5-1 san diego. the bottom of the seventh, the nationals with the rally towels. that is strike three. washington falls, 6-2. boston, orioles-red sox. the base knock to write. nick market is -- nick markakis veirs the shot, he is out. one last chance, the bases loaded, two outs, boston snapped their four-game losing streak, beating the birds. johnny damon hits the ground of first. the angels tried to turn the double play, but he gets hit
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with the bat. this time next week, we will be talking to you about the redskins' training camp, kicking off thursday at redskins park. the head coach jim zorn is headed into hisecond season, and he told tim brant he has learned a lot. it >> here we go again, around wo. -- two. what did you learn and around one? >> i learned is very long season and you have to maintain composure through the season. they can slip away at the end if he cannot push through. springdale england, the senior british open. fred funk on fire, he shot 129 and the first round, a tournament record. watch this shot, no, it is not.
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really? it goes right in. as good as that was, this is better. par-3 15th hole. check out this shot. it plans on the green, slides down the hill -- it lands on the green, slides down the hill. will that go in? right into the cup, the ace. gerry kelly is the leader. >> doug hill says, i do that all the time.
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time to start paying for the air-conditioning bill? >> it wille warm and humid, chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow, a better chance on sunday. >> "nightline close what is next.
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